Can resource disparities explain the black-white test score gap?

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Western Social Science Association


This study will use national, panel data assembled from the U.S. Census of Governments, the Common Core of Data, district tabulations of the U.S. Census Housing and Population survey, and the National Assessment of Educational Progress to develop state level measures of resource disparities between the average black student’s district and the average white students district that adjust for the costs of education. We will then use these measures of resource disparities to examine the following research questions: How do black-white resource disparities vary across states and over time? Have states that have undertaken school finance reforms seen larger reductions in black-white resource disparities than other states? Have the details of court orders requiring reform influenced the size of black-white resource disparities? Do variations in changes in black-white resource disparities across states predict variation in changes in the black-white test score gap?


African American students; Discrimination in education; Educational equalization – Law and legislation; Educational evaluation; Educational tests and measurements; Education -- Finance; Educational change


Disability and Equity in Education | Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Education Policy




Conference held in Salt Lake City,Utah from April 21-24, 2004.


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