Conclusion: Toward a research agenda for nonprofit human resource management

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The Nonprofit Human Resource Management Handbook: From Theory to Practice


Taylor and Francis

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One of the most challenging and rewarding parts of many people’s lives is the work they do. While we work to put food on the table, we also work to achieve personal satisfaction and, in the case of those who work in nonprofit organizations, make a difference in the world, to know we have had an impact. This book approaches work and the management of it in the nonprofit sector from the belief that work is important and critical to individuals, organizations, and the communities they serve. The importance of work in the nonprofit sector is related to the nature of the sector itself. The nonprofit sector more than any other sector is concerned with the “commons” or the things we share and do together as a society apart from pure market rationality (Lohmann, 1992). Work for many in the nonprofit sector is about more than simply performing a job to receive a wage. The aim of this book and much of the scholarship discussed in this volume seeks to improve the ability of organizations to retain, motivate, and engage employees, but also to assure work in the nonprofit sector serves a broader purpose and is meaningful for the employees, nonprofits and the communities they serve. © 2017 Taylor & Francis.



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