Class II. Opitutae

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On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence analyses, this group comprises one of the primary lineages in the phylum Verrucomicrobia and is equivalent to subdivision 4 (Hugenholtz etal. 1998) of the phylum. The majority of its members inhabit soils, marine environments, or invertebrate digestive tracts; however, some have been recovered from freshwater lakes, hypersaline microbial mats, or coastal hot springs. Others are obligate ectoymbionts of marine cilia. The Opitutae currently comprise two orders, the type order Opitutales, at present represented by the genera Opitutus and Alterocorus, and the order Puniceicoccales, represented by the genera Puniceicoccus, Cerasicoccus, Coraliomargarita, and Pelagicoccus. All members of this group stain Gramnegative. All tested members are resistant to β-lactam antibiotics and apparently lack a peptidoglycan cell wall.


Bacteria – Classification; Bacteria – Physiology; Phylogeny; Verrucomicrobia


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