Genus II. Prosthecobacter

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Unicellular, Gram-stain-negative, fusiform rod shaped to vibrioid bacteria with a single polar prostheca. Nonmotile. Prosthecae do not branch and do not bear buds. Cells attach to various substrata by a holdfast structure located at the distal tip of the prostheca. Reproduction by binary fission results in the formation of a partially to fully differentiated prosthecate daughter cell which is a mirror image of the mother cell. Rosettes are rare in pure culture, and, when formed, are comprised of few cells. Cbemoorganotrophic. Growth occurs in defined media using ammonium salts as nitrogen source and glucose as carbon source. Obligately aerobic. Catalase-positive. Cell wall contains m-diaminopimelic acid. Menaquinones are dominant respiratory quinones.


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