Embryos of a moss can be hardened to desiccation tolerance: effects of rate of drying on the timeline of recovery and dehardening in Aloina ambigua (Pottiaceae)

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Embryonic sporophytes of the moss Aloina ambigua are inducibly desiccation tolerant (DT). Hardening to DT describes a condition of temporary tolerance to a rapid-drying event conferred by a previous slow-drying event. This paper aimed to determine whether sporophytic embryos of a moss can be hardened to DT, to assess how the rate of desiccation influences the post-rehydration dynamics of recovery, hardening and dehardening, and to determine the minimum rate of drying for embryos and shoots.


Hardening; Dehardening; Inducible desiccation tolerance; Constitutive desiccation tolerance; Recovery; Sporophyte embryo; Bryophyte; Moss; Deacclimation; Rate of dying; Aloina ambigua; Pottiaceae

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