Transcript structure and domain display: A customizable transcript visualization tool

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Summary: Transcript Structure and Domain Display (TSDD) is a publicly available, web-based program that provides publication quality images of transcript structures and domains. TSDD is capable of producing transcript structures from GFF/GFF3 and BED files. Alternatively, the GFF files of several model organisms have been pre-loaded so that users only needs to enter the locus IDs of the transcripts to be displayed. Visualization of transcripts provides many benefits to researchers, ranging from evolutionary analysis of DNA-binding domains to predictive function modeling. Availability and implementation: TSDD is freely available for non-commercial users at http://shen lab.sols.unlv.edu/shenlab/software/TSD/transcript-display.html. Contact: jeffery.shen@unlv.Nevada.edu. © The Author 2016.

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