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The present report is a biological inventory in conjunction with the Las Vegas Wash Unit, Colorado River Basin Salinity Control Act, Title II. The boundaries of the project encompass sections of North Las Vegas, Las Vegas, East Las Vegas and areas along Las Vegas Wash extending to its drainage point in Las Vegas Bay in Lake Mead. Therefore, it encompasses a wide array of ecological situations and landscapes ranging from essentially natural to various stages of urban development.

This biological inventory presents basic ecological classifications, descriptions of vegetation, lists of vascular plants and vertebrates known to occur in the area. Each major group, i.e., plants, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals are characterized ecologically by biotic community. Basic life history data are given for all species of vertebrates found on the project area. Species of special status such as threatened, endangered, protected or of game status are further discussed.

Previous reports including biological data are the four quarterly reports from the Las Vegas Valley Water District to the Governor and the Legislative Commission (Sept. 1, 1971; Dec. 1, 1971; Mar. 1, 1972; June 1, 1972). The first three reports include summaries of the quarterly reports from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas on the study by Bradley and Niles (1973) whereas, the June, 1972 report includes a summary Of the final report of Bradley and Niles (1973).


Endangered species; Lake Mead (Ariz. and Nev.); Las Vegas Wash (Nev.); Nevada wildlife; Nevada plants; Wildlife management


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