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The Water Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, is charged with (1) maintaining a hydrologic network in Nevada that provides information on the status of the State's water resources and (2) engaging in technical water-resources investigations that have a high degree of transferability. To meet these broad objections, 26 projects were active in Nevada during fiscal year 1982 in cooperation with 36 Federal, State, and local agencies. Total funds were $3,319,455, of which State and local cooperative funding amounted to $741,500 and Federal funding (comprised of Geological Survey Federal and cooperative programs plus funds from six other Federal agencies) amounted to $2,577,955 for the fiscal year.

Projects other than continuing programs for collection of hydrologic data included the following topics of study: geothermal resources, areal ground-water resources and ground-water modeling, waste disposal, prehistoric hydrology, acid mine drainage, the unsaturated zone, stream and reservoir sedimentation, river-quality modeling, flood hazards, and remote sensing in hydrology. For each project, the objectives, approach, progress in fiscal year 1982, and plans for fiscal year 1983 are described herein. A total of 26 reports and symposium abstracts were published or in press during fiscal year 1982 as an outgrowth of project work in the State.


Groundwater; Hydrology; Nevada--Las Vegas Valley; Surveying; Water-supply; Water-supply--Analysis; Water-supply--Management; Water-supply--Planning; Water-supply--Sources


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