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A number of agencies sample Lake Mead and the Las Vegas Wash on a routine basis at several locations. In order to share and properly interpret the data, the Bureau of Reclamation, Southern Nevada Water Authority and the three Wastewater Treatment Facilities (City of Las Vegas, Clark County Sanitation District and City of Henderson) formed a committee to examine sampling and analytical protocols and to share information with the goal of maximizing the data quality. The group first met in April 1997.

It was agreed that an effort should be made to discuss and compare specific sampling and analytical techniques so the data can be compared and the differences in techniques and data can be defined. It was also agreed that future work would be coordinated as much as possible to provide for the most cost-effective water quality sampling and to facilitate the sharing of data.

The intent of this document is to provide a comprehensive source of information that will allow the participating agencies, and other interested parties, to access information regarding sampling locations, sampling schedules, and analytical methodology.


Chlorine; Chlorophyll; Dissolved oxygen; Effluent quality; Electrical conductance; Fluid dynamics; Lake Mead (Ariz. and Nev.); Las Vegas Wash (Nev.)pH; Phosphates; Phosphorus; Salinity; Sedimentation analysis; Sulfur dioxide; Wastewater quality; Water quality; Water temperature; Zooplankton


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