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This teaching practice is the use of hard-copy in-class worksheets for guided note taking and simple practice exercises primarily targeted for lower division classes. The worksheets are done in hard-copy requiring the student to actually write an answer which helps reinforce the topic or concept. All answers are provided to the students (either as part of the lecture or after a brief discussion). As such, the worksheets help highlight key topics and familiarize the students with how questions on the topic are asked and how they should be answered. Depending on the topic, most worksheets include simple exercises which are completed in class. Such exercises are typically worked at the end of class and students are allowed and encouraged to work together and help each other as needed to ensure they understand the problem and the approach used to obtain the solution. This encourages peer-to-peer interaction especially when a student is unclear regarding how to approach the problem. Based on availability, the Teaching Assistant (TA) is often in class to help students which provides an introduction to the class TA which facilitates follow on questions regarding the more complex assignments. This addresses a common issue in technical classes where a student feels they understand the material yet lack the experience in applying such knowledge to practical problems. In all cases the final correct answer is provided. The worksheets provide key additional study material for tests. As the semester progresses, students are able to gain experience and build confidence applying skills to practical problems prior to test situations. Additionally, the worksheets provide an informal attendance mechanism allowing attendance to be tracked and encouraged in a more meaningful manner.

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