Submissions from 2020

Wearable Stories for Children: Embodied Learning Through Pretend and Physical Play, Si Jung Kim and Catherine A. Bacos


Supervised Learning-Based Fast, Stealthy, and Active NAT Device Identification Using Port Response Patterns, Seungwoon Lee, Si Jung Kim, Jungtae Lee, and Byeong-hee Roh

On Hardware-Trojan-Assisted Power Budgeting System Attack Targeting Many Core Systems, Yiming Zhao, Xiaohang Wang, Yingtao Jiang, Liang Wang, Mei Yang, Amit Kumar Singh, and Terrence Mak

Submissions from 2019

A Design of Safety and Disaster Response System with XR, IoT and LBS Convergence, Geun Kyung Choi, Seungwoon Lee, Byeong-hee Roh, Jinsuk Kang, and Si Jung Kim

The OTC (Object to Camera) Approach to Visualize Behind Stories of Museum Exhibits, Si Jung Kim, Alexis Sanchez, John Farhad Hanifzai, Francis Palispis, and Keitaro Nishimura

Challenges and Implemented Technologies Used in Autonomous Drone Racing, Hyungpil Moon, Jose Martinez-Carranza, Titus Cieslewski, Matthias Faessler, Davide Falanga, Alessandro Simovic, Davide Scaramuzza, Shuo Li, Michael Ozo, Christophe De Wagter, Guido de Croon, Sunyou Hwang, Sunggoo Jung, Hyunchu Shim, Haeryang Kim, Minhyuk Park, Tsz-Chiu Au, and Si Jung Kim