Feedback Control Design for Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the Third World Conference on Integrated Design & Process Technology


Traditionally, most transportation problems have come under the domain of planning. With the advent of Intelligent Transportation Systems, it is possible to measure traffic variables in real time using traffic sensors, and then provide traffic control by using various means of traffic actuation. The design philosophy for Intelligent Transportation Systems is still dominated by the planning techniques modified to deal with the available real-time sensing and actuation capabilities. For instance, many of the problems are solved using optimization techniques which are essentially off-line and computationally intensive techniques. The design of transportation systems with real-time sensing and actuation can be performed if the problem is viewed in a feedback control setting. Feedback control is truly a multidisciplinary field which has application in various disciplines. Intelligent Transportation Systems provide an ideal application for various feedback control techniques.


Automatic control; Feedback control systems; Intelligent transportation systems; Real-time control; Traffic engineering


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