The Ecliptic of the beautiful

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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture



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Project MUSE - Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture - The Ecliptic of the Beautiful Project MUSE Journals Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture Volume 33, 2004 The Ecliptic of the Beautiful Studies in Eighteenth Century Culture Volume 33, 2004 E-ISSN: 1938-6133 Print ISSN: 0360-2370 The Ecliptic of the Beautiful Timothy Erwin Timothy Erwin Timothy Erwin is Associate Professor of English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The present essay, on beauty, was read at the 2001 MWASECS meeting in Iowa City. Along with recent essays on Hogarth in the Huntington Library Quarterly and on Johnson in The Age of Johnson, it belongs to an ongoing study of pictorial metaphors during the Enlightenment. Notes 1. What Lawrence Lipking wrote twenty years ago remains all too true today: "The vast majority of modern readers are blind to eighteenth-century poetry. We do not see poems well; we do not make the pictures in our minds that the poets direct and excite us to make; and we are often so complacent about our ways of reading that we blame the poem for our own failure to notice its signals." Lawrence Lipking, "Quick Poetic Eyes: Another Look at Literary Pictorialism," in Articulate Images: The Sister Arts from Hogarth to Tennyson, ed. Richard Wendorf (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1983), 5. The comment is even more true of eighteenth-century fiction. Among the reasons Lipking gives is the inherent logocentrism of Enlightenment thought, and...


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