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The pilot molten lead-bismuth target circuit (TC-1) in university of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) was designed for beam power of 1 MW accelerator driven system (ADS). The TC-1 is a liquid lead-bismuth eutectic (LBE) circulation loop. Circulation of the liquid alloy is driven by an annular linear induction pump (ALIP). Experimental measurements of system parameters have yielded a surprisingly low pump efficiency of less than 1%. A numerical study of the pump efficiency is being conducted to determine which operational parameters are responsible for this low efficiency and to give insight into future EM pump design. The numerical study will first entail calculating the EM phenomena such as the induced current distribution, magnetic field and electromagnetic body forces using both analytic and numerical methods. These calculated EM forces will be incorporated into fluid flow calculations using a commercial code such as FEMLab and/or Fluent. Parametric studies of the EM and fluid flow phenomena in the pump will be carried out.


Accelerator-driven systems; Electromagnetic pumps; Eutectic alloys; Lead-bismuth alloys; Liquid alloys


Electro-Mechanical Systems | Energy Systems | Heat Transfer, Combustion | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy