Cataloging With AACR2R and USMARC: For Books, Computer Files, Serials, Sound Recordings, Videorecordings

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This book is not a book with detailed explanations of how to catalog different types of material complete with examples. It is not a compilation of all of AACR2 or all the rule interpretations or the entire MARC format, and it does not cover every type of material a library might catalog. It is a manual to keep beside one's computer to use in searching for bibliographic records, checking to see if they match the material in hand, editing records, making new records for different editions, and inputting original records for the types of material most commonly cataloged by libraries. The author has worked in cataloging since 1985 and has taught cataloging workshops since 1989. This book is an outgrowth of the handout for those workshops.


Books – Reviews; Cataloging


Archival Science | Cataloging and Metadata | Library and Information Science | Other Communication


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