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New Jersey Association of College and Research Libraries 16th Annual Users' Conference

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Piscataway, NJ

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What makes a difference in student success? The framing questions for this presentation are:

  1. What makes students stay in college and finish a degree? What prevents them from finishing?

  2. What can librarians and faculty do to increase students' chances of succeeding at learning and at earning a degree?

This presentation will address high impact practices identified by George Kuh and adopted by the AAC&U, and give some examples of how libraries can support those high impact practices. It will also address student engagement, as measured by tools like the National Survey of Student Engagement or NSSE, and how libraries can contribute to a sense of belonging and engagement for students. I will discuss best practices for course design and assignment design, and how librarians can have an impact there.

And finally, I'll talk about the data, and what we know about library programs that make an impact on student grades and retention.


Academic achievement; Academic librarians; Academic libraries; College dropouts--Prevention; College graduates


Education | Higher Education | Information Literacy | Library and Information Science