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Western History Association Conference/WAML Meetin

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Oakland, CA

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This presentation highlights the key steps and decision points essential to completing a successful map digitization project. Topics to be covered include: overcoming the challenges of scanning large-scale materials (including file sizes and encapsulation), descriptive metadata for map collections, copyright and privacy issues for geographic materials, adding geographic coordinates to map collections, image viewer and interface options for online maps, and methods to track the impact of map digitization with users. Using University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries’ digital project Southern Nevada: History in Maps as a case study, the authors will discuss the challenges inherent in map digitization and suggest strategies to overcome these obstacles. In addition to walking the audience through map digitization workflow, the poster will highlight the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ spatial search tool, ISIS, that allows users to search maps in CONTENTdm collections without text-based queries. Poster session attendees will learn from one institution’s experience with a successful map digital collection and leave with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their own project.


Archival materials — Digitization; Digital libraries; Maps – Digitization; Scanning systems


Cataloging and Metadata | Collection Development and Management | Library and Information Science


Presented at: Western History Association Conference/WAML Meeting Oakland, CA

Attached file: 15 PowerPoint slides

Attached file: Poster, presented at American Library Association Annual Meeting New Orleans, LA June 25, 2011

Attached file: Handout, ALA Annual Conference 2011, New Orleans, LA

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Poster for Navigating to Success

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