Modeling of Ionic Polymer Metal Composite Actuator Dynamics Using a Large Deflection Beam Model

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This paper introduces a novel technique for modeling the dynamics of ionic polymer metal composites (IPMCs). The proposed finite element modeling technique combines a large deflection beam model and lumped RC model. In this approach, a local coordinate frame attached at the first node of each element which undergoes rigid body motion and elastic deformation of the element is described with respect to the local coordinate frame. The proposed model accounts for the large elastic deflection of each element. This modeling strategy has the advantage of accurately describing the large deformation of the IPMC using a limited number of elements. Experimental results are found to be in close agreement with those of simulating the proposed model.


Chemical physics; Chemistry; Physical and theoretical; Composite materials; Condensed matter; Condensed matter: structural; mechanical & thermal; Instrumentation and measurement; Measuring instruments; Metallic composites; Physical chemistry; Polymers; Simulation methods


Biological and Chemical Physics | Condensed Matter Physics | Physical Chemistry | Physics


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