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This paper aims to understand the effect of management of change on the success of information system (IS) implementation. Drawing on change management research and self-determination theory, a research model is developed. Data collected from a longitudinal field survey before, during, and after an enterprise-wide IS implementation are analyzed to test the proposed hypotheses. The results indicate that management of change can be used to increase readiness for change and end-user computing satisfaction during and after the implementation. Readiness for change positively impacts satisfaction during an implementation but not after. Contrary to the literature, No significant relationship exists between resistance to change and satisfaction. The paper contributes to IS research and practice by drawing attention to the importance of management of change and readiness for change for IS success.


Change management; Computer users; End-user computing; IS implementation; IS success; Information resources management; Information technology; Longitudinal research; Organizational change; Satisfaction; User satisfaction


Business | Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Electrical and Computer Engineering | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Systems and Communications


Conference held: Shanghai, China


Used with permission from the Association for Information Systems, Atlanta, GA; 404-413-7444; All rights reserved.

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