Usage and Impact of Technology Enabled Job Learning

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European Journal of Information System


Palgrave Macmillan



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Individuals use technology to experiment with new ways of carrying out their tasks and in doing so they learn more about their jobs. The current study examines the role of technology enabled job learning as a key component in the complex relationship between information systems use and technology outcomes. Data from 308 end-users were analyzed to evaluate the relationships between system use and technology enabled job learning, and technology enabled job learning and technology outcomes. Technology enabled job learning was conceptualized in terms of how computer applications helped individuals learn and better perform their jobs. System use was conceptualized in terms of decision support, work integration, and customer service. Technology outcomes were conceptualized in terms of management control, task innovation, task productivity, and customer satisfaction. Results suggest that systems use has a significant, positive effect on job learning, and that job learning has a significant, positive effect on technology outcomes. Post hoc analyses were then conducted to examine the potential mediating role of job learning between systems use and technology outcomes. The findings from this research lead to a greater understanding of how patterns of systems use influence organizationally relevant outcomes through technology-enabled job learning.


Application software; Computer industry – Customer services; Non-formal education; Occupational training; Software support; Technological innovations


Business | Community-Based Research | Systems and Communications | Technology and Innovation


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