Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Music Faculty.


Submissions from 2019

So You Want to Sing Music by Women: A Guide for Performers, Linda J. Lister and Matthew Hoch

Submissions from 2018

NEXUS (UNLV Compliation CD: Crystalline and Turn the Key), Jennifer Bellor, Charles Halka, Diego Vega, and Cynthia Wong

Evening Rainbow, Charles Halka, Weiwei Le, Tobias Roth, and Andrew Smith

From Giuseppe to Joseph: A Possible New Borrowing Source for the Music of Joseph and His Brethren, Jonathan R. Lee

Barnum and Bailey's Fractured Favorite, Thomas G. Leslie

So You Want to Sing Light Opera: A Guide for Performers, Linda J. Lister

A Sonnertress Enamored, Linda Lister and Weiwei Le

Composing Japanese Musical Modernity, Richard C. Miller

Submissions from 2017

Karol Berger, Beyond Reason: Wagner contra Nietzsche, Anthony Barone

Review: 'Beyond Reason: Wagner contra Nietzsche,' by Karol Berger, Anthony Barone

Weekly blogs, Stephen Caplan

Watch Your Language!, Jennifer Johnson and Stephen Caplan

Significant Composers, Jonathan R. Lee

24K Gould / Leslie, UNLV Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie

Thomas Leslie Talks About the Return of the UNLV Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie

Handel: The "Halle" Sonatas, Andrew Parker, Nancy Ambrose King, Kristin Wolfe Jensen, and Jonathan Rhodes Lee


Lunar Crater volcanic field (Reveille and Pancake Ranges, Basin and Range Province, Nevada, USA), G A. Valentine, J A. Cortés, E Widom, E I. Smith, C Rasoazanamparany, R Johnsen, J P. Briner, A G. Harp, and B Turrin