Faculty research from the School of Music at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Submissions from 2019

Smart Stuff Laid Plain: A Snack Approach, Kimberly James

Operas Composed by Women: A Brief History, Linda Lister and Matthew Hoch

So You Want to Sing Music by Women: A Guide for Performers, Linda J. Lister and Matthew Hoch

Submissions from 2018

NEXUS (UNLV Compliation CD: Crystalline and Turn the Key), Jennifer Bellor, Charles Halka, Diego Vega, and Cynthia Wong

Evening Rainbow, Charles Halka, Weiwei Le, Tobias Roth, and Andrew Smith

From Giuseppe to Joseph: A Possible New Borrowing Source for the Music of Joseph and His Brethren, Jonathan R. Lee

Barnum and Bailey's Fractured Favorite, Thomas G. Leslie

String Division Handbook School of Music University of Nevada - Las Vegas 2018-2019, Weiwei Le; Ambroise Aubrun; Kate Hamilton; Andrew Smith; Brycen Ingersoll University of Nevada, Las Vegas; and Ricardo Cobo

So You Want to Sing Light Opera: A Guide for Performers, Linda J. Lister

A Sonnertress Enamored, Linda Lister and Weiwei Le

Composing Japanese Musical Modernity, Richard C. Miller

Submissions from 2017

Karol Berger, Beyond Reason: Wagner contra Nietzsche, Anthony Barone

Review: 'Beyond Reason: Wagner contra Nietzsche,' by Karol Berger, Anthony Barone

Weekly blogs, Stephen Caplan

Watch Your Language!, Jennifer Johnson and Stephen Caplan

Significant Composers, Jonathan R. Lee

24K Gould / Leslie, UNLV Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie

Thomas Leslie Talks About the Return of the UNLV Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie

Handel: The "Halle" Sonatas, Andrew Parker, Nancy Ambrose King, Kristin Wolfe Jensen, and Jonathan Rhodes Lee


Lunar Crater volcanic field (Reveille and Pancake Ranges, Basin and Range Province, Nevada, USA), G A. Valentine, J A. Cortés, E Widom, E I. Smith, C Rasoazanamparany, R Johnsen, J P. Briner, A G. Harp, and B Turrin