Attitudes Toward Abortion in Poland and the United States

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Objective: This paper seeks to compare the distribution and correlates of mass attitudes toward legal abortion in Poland and the United States. Methods: Multivariate models of abortion attitudes in the two countries are compared with data compiled by NORC. Results: Despite differences in history, culture, and the distribution of religious affiliation, mass attitudes toward abortion are quite similar in the two countries, although Catholicism is a significantly stronger predictor of “pro-life” attitudes in the United States. Conclusion: In general, our findings suggest that national and cultural differences are of limited utility in accounting for variations in abortion attitudes. We suggest that the fact that the antiabortion movement in the United States must formulate arguments that appeal to an ecumenical coalition may make the Catholic Church a more effective agent of socialization in a religiously competitive environment.


Abortion; Abortion--Religious aspects; Abortion--Religious aspects--Catholic Church; Catholic Church; Pro-life movement


American Politics | Catholic Studies | Comparative Politics | Political Science | Religion | Women's Studies


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