Identification and Selection of Jobs in Clinical Geropsychology: A Survey to Inform Career Mentoring, Job Search, and Helpful Resources

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Training and Education in Professional Psychology





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This survey aimed to understand job selection decisions in clinical geropsychology and what information and resources support such decision making. Enhancing mentorship discussions to focus on early career job identification may promote placement satisfaction and match alongside growth and success of the geriatric mental health workforce. This cross-sectional observational study analyzed data from 97 respondents, including geropsychology trainees (n = 42) and professional geropsychologists (n = 55), who completed an online survey. Trainees endorsed a variety of ideal job characteristics in geropsychology; particularly settings with interdisciplinary teams and in medical, palliative/hospice, long-term, and geriatric outpatient care. Location was one of the most important factors in selecting a job for both trainees and professionals; the latter also reported the importance of setting-specific fit. Most trainees described mentoring as the main supportive factor in their job search and placement, specifically with regards to skill development, decision-making assistance, and personal support. Respondents listed the resources they utilized to identify open geropsychology positions, but also responded that more specific resources to aid job selection would be useful. Mentorship in the selection of job opportunities offers instrumental and emotional support in defining job characteristics consistent with one’s career goals. In terms of early career job identification and selection, training programs are encouraged to consider our results when providing career mentoring. Mentors and mentees can use the survey results to inform discussion topics, including topics related to formal job identification and placement alternatives for mentees.


Clinical psychology; Clinical training; Geropsychology; Graduate education; Mentoring


Clinical and Medical Social Work | Clinical Psychology

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