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Master of Science (MS)


Biological Science

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Stanley Smith

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The ecological impact of beavers on a stream in the southwestern United States was investigated to determine if beavers have impact on community and ecosystem level processes in a manner similar to what has been documented in more mesic regions. Specifically, my goals were to determine: (1) whether beaver pond densities differ in an arid Mojave Desert system from densities reported for those of more mesic regions, (2) what riparian plant species beaver are foraging on most frequently in this system, and (3) to determine if beaver ponds alter the system retention of nitrogen, a nutrient that often limits primary production in streams of the western United States; The spatial prevalence of beaver ponds along Meadow Valley Wash, a perennial stream in southeast Nevada, was determined by surveying 31.5 kilometers of the stream's length. At the ecosystem level, stream nitrogen retention was measured. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Beavers; Canadensis; Castor; Desert; Ecological; Nevada; Role; Southwestern; Stream

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Limnology; Ecology

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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