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Communication Studies

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Anthony J. Ferri

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The study reported here utilized two constructs; the Organizational Identification Questionnaire (OIQ) (Cheney 1983b) and the Organizational Commitment Questionnaire (OCQ) (Mowday, Porter, and Steers 1979), to determine if a positive correlation existed between them when applied to the Mary Kay Cosmetics Organization, a Direct Sales Marketing organization. The OIQ and the OCQ are two constructs that have been widely utilized to study the relationship between the employee and the organization. A review of literature illustrates, that although each concept offers a distinct meaning, when utilized as a construct they are synonymous. This study found that identification and commitment were strongly correlated, and it was determined that the two constructs appeared to reference the same collection of attitudes and behaviors. This study further offers two key communicative practices and behaviors; the utilization of a print medium and the adoption of a communicative philosophy, which may contribute to the individual's higher identification and commitment to the organization. This investigation suggests that researchers are advised to refer to these two constructs as measurement tools utilized to examine the same phenomenon. Therefore, it is suggested that due to the longevity of the OCQ and the influence the author of the OCQ had on the author and formation of the OIQ, it is recommended that the OIQ not be used to measure identification and commitment. The OCQ is the suggested construct to measure organizational commitment.


Commitment; Cosmetics; Found; Identification; Kay; Mary; Measurement; Membership; Organizational

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Mass media; Psychology, Industrial

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