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Master of Science (MS)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Cyndi Giorgis

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Writing samples were collected over an eight month period from three 8th grade students. Using these samples along with student-teacher conference notes and the results of a literacy interview, the writing growth of each student was analyzed. Each student shows development of strong writing skills and an ability to discuss this growth in an articulate manner using written samples to back up their claims. The areas of growth identified by the teacher/researcher did not necessarily match those identified by the students. This mismatch is partially a result of the ways in which each student hid or abdicated her role as the ultimate decision maker concerning her growth and writing. As a result, implications arise in regards to student skill acquisition, student identity formation as a writer, and the role of the teacher in the secondary workshop classroom.


Case; Classroom; Eighth; Grade; Growth; Skills; Students; Study; Three; Workshop; Writing

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Education, Secondary; Language arts; Rhetoric

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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