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Perchlorate not only blocks the body's ability to incorporate iodine into T3 and T4 hormones through the sodium iodine symporter system, but also depletes the thyroid glands' internal stores of iodine. Many of the steps that regulate metamorphosis in amphibians are also triggered by thyroid hormones therefore we investigated the ability of perchlorate to interfere with the development and metamorphosis of Rana pipiens . Aquaria containing concentrations of 40 ppb, 400 ppb, and 4000 ppb perchlorate with a 0 ppb perchlorate control as well as a magnesium control (since magnesium perchlorate was used) to evaluate the growth and development of Rana pipiens. Measuring snout to vent length, hindlimb length, tail length and total body length weekly on 40 animals per tank allowed the growth of the tadpoles to be monitored throughout the study. Development of the tadpoles was determined by staging 20 animals per dose group according to the Taylor-Kollros Index. Metabolic rate for each dose group was assessed monthly by determining oxygen consumption; while deformities, as well as mortality, were tracked daily. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Development; Doses; Effects; Environmentally; Metamorphosis; Perchlorate; Pipiens; Rana; Relevant

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Toxicology; Environmental sciences

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