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Master of Engineering (ME)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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David E. James

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The objectives of this research were to conduct long-term testing of modified single-basin still designs, and to design, build and test an alternative double-basin still that may increase water production at the same or lower cost; Performance of two commercial single-basin still designs, from different suppliers, was evaluated over a 14-month period in Las Vegas, Nevada. The average daily water yields of SunwaterRTM and SolAqua(TM) ranged from 1.1+/-0.7 L/m2 and 0.9+/-0.5 L/m 2 (in winter) to 5.5+/-1.7 L/m2 and 4.6+/-0.9 L/m2 (in summer) respectively; Different configurations of cover glass and water volume/depth were evaluated on SunwaterRTM single-basin stills. Low-e glass was found to produce 14.7% less water than standard clear glass. Water yield was generally not sensitive to operating water depth; A double-basin prototype was constructed and tested. It had an average daily yield of 0.47 L/m2, while the standard stills produced in the range of 1.8-2.9 L/m2.


Basin; Double; Evaluation; Las Vegas; Nevada; Performance; Single; Solar; Stills; Vegas

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Environmental engineering; Civil engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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