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Computer Science

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Yoohwan Kim

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Email has become one of the most powerful communication tools today. It is has widely proliferated in both business and personal use. It allows for fast communication between multiple parties that can be easily understood by even the most novice user, and allows for advanced transfer of data for power users. Even with that, it is one of the most abused systems on the Internet. Email systems have allowed for widespread distribution of the worst viruses on the Internet, causing billions of dollars in damage. Most of the technologies that have been deployed to prevent these types of attacks have been thwarted; A new email protocol is required to implement accreditation, authentication and reputation to overcome these issues. This new system is a combination of currently accepted systems, along with additions to make them more effective as a whole. This new system is called Collaborative Intelligent Email Ranking System (CIERS).


Collaborative; Email; Intelligent; Ranking; System

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Computer science

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