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Computer Science

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This thesis presents a model graphic framework. It uses traditional graphic principles such as display file concepts to generate frameworks. It implements object oriented patterns such as inheritance polymorphism etc. to reuse the graphic framework for the object oriented graphic applications; This thesis suggests component technology such as Microsoft COM technology to make the frameworks effective. The thesis identifies the advantage of Component Oriented Technology over Object Oriented Technology. The procedure for development of a Component is complex. Even the client procedure for using the component is also complex. This thesis presents a model procedure for the development of a simple beeper component and its client program to demonstrate the complexity of the component technology; The thesis adopts some of the existing pattern frames to make the implementation graphic components simple. It also presents some techniques to make the client procedures for using a component simple; The advantages of the model graphic frameworks presented in this thesis are as follows: (1) The Graphic application developer can develop Graphic Components (graphic COM objects) like simple C++ objects using the frameworks. (2) The client who uses these components for the development of the graphic applications can use these components (COM object) like simple C++ objects; That means the components (COM objects) behave like simple C++ objects for development and for usage but they are COM objects; The models presented in this thesis can be views in two layers. The first layers focus on increasing the degree of reusability of graphic objects to minimize cost. In this connection the model is tested by implementing PCB (Printed circuit board) Graphic Application for representing several graphic elements of different types minimizing the number of component. This enables graphic applications run on lower-end systems; The second layers try to implement graphic COM components like simple C++ objects. Abstract COM object framework is created and several graphic COM objects are created for testing this model. Client side wrapper component is also implemented and tested for using complex graphic COM object like simple C++ objects; Chapter three and five will presents detailed description of these models. Output Screen of graphic Applications is presented in Appendix B. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Component; Frameworks; Graphics; Managing; Oriented; System

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Computer science

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