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This thesis explores the themes of authenticity and love in Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises and Jack Kerouac's On the Road, and how each novel conveys these themes differently; In The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway delivers the themes of authenticity and love by carefully and precisely crafting a story in which the hero of the story, Jake Barnes, changes significantly between the beginning of the story and the end. He acquires the courage to love, risking his authenticity in the process; In On the Road, Kerouac's dual heroes, Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty, exhibit no discernible growth or change throughout the story. Interestingly, it is through their very lack of growth, their inability to mature, that the novel's themes of authenticity and love are delivered. They are as incapable of love at the end of the story as they are at the beginning. This becomes part of their authenticity.


Authenticity; Love; Rises; Road; Sun

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Literature, Modern

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