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Master of Engineering (ME)


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Nader Ghafoori

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The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of admixture source, slump flow, hauling time and remediation on the air void characteristics of air-entrained self-consolidating concrete (SCC). The first phase of the investigation focused on the effects of four different admixture manufacturers and three distinct slump flows on the fresh flow properties and air void characteristics of SCC. The second phase evaluated the effects of eight hauling times and two forms of remediation on the air void characteristics of three SCC mixtures. The type of high range water reducing admixture and the type of air-entraining agent used significantly influenced the flow properties and air void characteristics of the trial self-consolidating concrete. The air void characteristics deteriorated with increasing slump flow. With increased hauling time, the slump flow decreased and the air void characteristics improved. Remediation typically deteriorated the air void system of self-consolidated concretes when compared to that of the companion non-remediated mixtures.


Air; Characteristics; Concrete; Consolidating; Entrained; Self; Void

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Civil engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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