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This research analyzed a select number of Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOP&S) within the California Community College system. Student perceptions and self reported attitudes were obtained through survey techniques from a select number of EOP&S programs based upon persistence trends of students from a recent four-year period. More specifically, these student trends were analyzed at three different levels of persistence, i.e., highest, median, and lowest. The respective groupings were surveyed to determine qualitative elements of EOP&S program services students associate with their persistence; The findings basically indicate that the consistent qualitative elements of programs services that EOP&S students associate with their persistence include nine supportive services and program activities: Book Service; Grants; Academic Counseling; Education Plans; Priority Registration; Orientation; Tutoring; Personal Counseling and Mutual Responsibility Contract. Overall, the top five services EOP&S students report as significant to their persistence either as important, influential or beneficial were: Book Service, Grants, Academic Counseling, Education Plans and Priority Registration; This study was focused on the special program Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, (EOP&S) which serves emerging low-income populations. The researcher noted the fact that this clientele will soon become the new majority in many community colleges across the nation. More specifically, the study substantiated that the EOP&S program in California provides a wide variety of support services that increase rates of persistence but not retention; In general the EOP&S programs were found to exhibit an atmosphere of inclusion that appears to be associated with persistence. The researcher focused the concept of inclusion on the EOP&S program activities that help to integrate students with the college environment. When looking at the patterns pertaining to the categories of integration, involvement and connection, the research indicated that the EOP&S program was ranked far ahead of other departments on campus in providing these key elements of persistence.


California; College; Community; California Community College; Eop; Extended; Extended Opportunity Programs And Services; Opportunity; Programs; Persistence; Retention; Retention Services; Student; Student Support; Study

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Community colleges; Educational counseling; Education, Higher

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