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Purpose. The purpose of this study was to investigate the status of Community Education in the metropolitan area of Clark County, Nevada, as it existed during the 1976-77 academic year. The study was limited to programs or courses offered, funding, cost of instruction, student fees, personnel, use of a needs assessment, and people actively involved in the programs; Subjects. Participating organizations contributing data for the study were the Nevada Department of Education, the Continuing Education Department, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Baker Park Community School, and Charleston Heights Community School; Methods and Procedures. After the raw data were collected and compiled from the participating organizations, all courses offered were categorized into seven divisions. These seven divisions were: academic, arts and crafts, business and related fields, homemaking, nursing, sports and athletics, and travel. Within each division, the raw data were complied and broken down into the following categories: total number of courses offered, number of courses cancelled, number of courses completed, total number of students enrolled, average number of students enrolled, range of numbers of students enrolled, total cost of instruction within each division, average cost of instruction, range of the cost of instruction, average student fee charged per class, and the range of student fees; Results. Within the metropolitan area of Clark County, Nevada, during the 1976-77 academic year, the Continuing Education Department of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas offered to the public the largest number of courses, had the largest total enrollment of students, had the largest enrollment for any single course, had the highest total cost of instruction, the highest average cost of instruction per division, the widest range of the cost of instruction, and the greatest range of student fees charged per course; None of the participating organizations utilized a needs assessment before offering courses or programs; Conclusions. The study was summarized, including a review of the literature and recommendations suggested for further research to determine the ongoing status of the Community Education concept.


Academic; Area; Clark; Community; County; Education; Existed; Metropolitan; Nevada; Status; Year

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