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This study sought to describe the workplace of the year-round school using the structure of Johnson's workplace theory. The rationale for conducting the study was based on the assumption that the nature of the workplace affects the teaching/learning act. Teachers' perceptions of the workplace ultimately influence their attitudes, efforts, and commitment toward the act of teaching. The year-round school schedule was found to influence teachers' perceptions of their workplace; The frequent breaks of the year-round schedule were perceived as beneficial for both students and teachers by providing alternate vacation opportunities, time for inexperienced teachers to evaluate and plan instructional strategies, and an overall perception of greater energy expended upon the teaching/learning act; However, the track assignment teachers were placed on influenced the perception of the benefits breaks provided. Some tracks were perceived by teachers as providing better opportunities for rejuvenation than others. In the case of teachers working extended contracts, who did not have track breaks, the perception of the workplace benefits were limited to financial incentives; Teachers' perceived the breaks influenced attendance patterns and professional growth. Many of the teachers believed that the school district's lack of 12-month schools in the junior high and high schools negatively impacted upon student attendance during the summer months of the year-round school's operation. The constant influx of staff affected teacher interaction and staff development. Teachers reported that the lack of a long summer break inhibited their ability to attend universities to attain advanced degrees and complete course requirements for teacher certification renewal; Despite these difficulties, with a few exceptions, teachers expressed a desire to continue working on the year-round school schedule. The frequent breaks they enjoyed appeared to be the dominating factor in their decision to work in a year-round school. Extended contract teachers reported the need for extra money was a key factor for their decision. All teachers responses were similar to the responses of teachers interviewed in Johnson's (1990) study in six of the seven workplace features. Teachers' views concerning the political aspect of the workplace differed from the description put forth in Johnson's (1990) study.


Analysis; Ethnographic; Ethnography; Round; Satisfaction; School; Selected; Teacher; Teacher Satisfaction; Workplace; Year; Ethnography; Teacher Satisfaction

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School management and organization; Education, Elementary; Psychology, Industrial

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