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Educational Administration and Higher Education

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Without question, women numerically surpass men in the education profession, composing the greater percentage of teachers. Nonetheless, men dominate administrative positions at all levels. According to the literature, the female administrative aspirant faces numerous unique barriers making it more difficult for her to become a school administrator than for her male counterpart. As a result, she must use additional strategies if she intends to be successful in her pursuit of advancement; In light of previous research, a survey was sent to all 182 principals in the Clark County School District which is centered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The purpose of this study was to ascertain if differences were evident between male and female principals in their demographics, barriers encountered, and strategies utilized as they pursued a principalship. Subjects included all male and female principals in the Clark County School District; male and female elementary, middle, and secondary principals; and male and female principals hired as principal or assistant principal from within and from without the Clark County School District. Because the Clark County School District installed a new selection pool system in 1989 in an attempt to make their administrative hiring practices more equitable, differences between male and female principals hired before and after 1989 were also studied; Findings from this study support past research indicating differences continue between male and female principals in the areas of personal, educational, and organizational demographics. However, there appears to be less disparity in the professional demographics. With few exceptions, both men and women felt they had faced few barriers to their career advancement. Likewise, most subjects used many of the same strategies to advance in their career.


Barriers; Clark County; Demographics; Differences; District; Encountered; Female; Gender Differences Male; Nevada; Perceived; Principals; Principalship; Pursuit; Schools; Strategies; Terms; Used; Vegas; While; Women; Gender Differences

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School management and organization; Women's studies; Education, Elementary

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