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Twenty-seven apparently healthy females volunteered for the study to compare the effects of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) (N = 7), traditional isotonic weight training (N = 9) and NMES combined with isotonic weight training (N = 11) on triceps branchii strength. Strength was measured isotonically (1-RM) and isometrically (MVIC). The Weight and Weight/NMES groups performed 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps at 60% of 1-RM, 3 times per week. The NMES group received NMES 3 times per week. All groups were pre- and post-tested to determine 1-RM and Mvic Strength was also tested after four weeks, in order to ensure the Weight and NMES/Weight groups were training at a minimum of 60% of 1-RM. Two mixed factor design ANOVAs (Group {dollar}\times{dollar} Time {dollar}\times{dollar} Arm) found no significant difference between groups at pretest (.05). All three groups demonstrated significant increases in strength, both isometrically and isotonically. A statistical difference was not found between the three training methods and their effect on isotonic strength. However, the Weight and the NMES/Weight group demonstrated significantly greater gains in isotonic strength than the NMES group. The NMES/Weight group demonstrated the largest mean increase in strength, followed by the Weight group and the NMES group, respectively. The results indicated that groups NMES/Weight and Weight were equivalent. Therefore, the combination of NMES and isotonic weight training has no greater effect on strength than traditional isotonic training.


Brachii; Effect; Electrically; Induced; Strength; Training; Triceps

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Physical therapy; Kinesiology

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