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Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Mechanical Engineering

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Samaan G. Ladkany

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The structural design of a flexible three-link hydraulically activated robotic mechanism is presented. Static and quasi dynamic, three-dimensional analysis of the robotic mechanism is shown. Force and deflection equations are derived for the robotic mechanism and the finite element analysis is used to model its dynamic behavior and to study the fundamental 3-D bending and twisting frequencies of the arm as it reaches various positions inside the workspace. Using beam-column theory and finite element method, the design of a flexible three-link robotic mechanism is shown. The flexibility of the arm is set so that the total deflection of the arm is limited to 2%-3% of its maximum reach; and its first two fundamental frequencies are less than 6 Hz. The arm is capable of carrying a load equal or greater to its own weight. (Abstract shortened with permission of author.).


Actuated; Analysis; Arm; Design; Flexible; Hydraulic; Robotic; Structural; Three-link

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Mechanical engineering

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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