The attitudes of key executives of international tourist hotels in Taiwan toward casino investments in Taiwan

Shiang-Lih Chen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Casino gaming is growing. In America, casino operations have become the largest segments of the entertainment industry. In Asia, another four countries will legalize casino gambling in 1994. The growth of the gaming industry is a worldwide trend; Right now, there is an exceptional opportunity; a special legislative bill is under consideration to legalize casino gambling in Taiwanese surrounding island districts. The legislators are evaluating the necessity of legalized casino gambling in Taiwan. According to other countries' casino operation experiences, some legislators consider hotel industry investors to be the most suitable operators of casino operations. One of their concerns was whether or not owners of hotels would be willing to invest in casinos. The purpose of this study is to assess the attitudes of key executives of International Tourist Hotels toward casino investments in Taiwan; The results disclosed that the key executives' perceptions of casino investments in Taiwan are positive and the majority of them are willing to invest in casinos in Taiwan.