Photometry of the galaxies in the Bootes Void

Shawn Timothy Cruzen, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


As part of an investigation into the nature of galaxies in voids, 27 galaxies in the Bootes Void were observed in B, V, R & I filters. Absolute V magnitudes have been calculated for most of the galaxies in the sample to an accuracy of {dollar}\pm{dollar}0.15 mag or better using apertures that correspond to the 24.0 mag/arcsec{dollar}\sp2{dollar} isophote in V. The color indices, B-V, V-R and R-I, have been determined. The results of BVRI photometry on the Bootes Void galaxies indicate that these galaxies appear comparable in magnitude and color to a sample of field emission line galaxies; Analysis of the morphology of these galaxies as determined from their appearance on the CCD images shows that approximately 40% of the galaxies are asymmetric or disturbed. Color changes across several galaxies might indicate recent periods of star formation. Also, the properties of these galaxies are inconsistent with the properties of galaxies predicted to be found in voids.