The history of the public two year community college in the State of Nevada from 1977 to 1993

D Gause-Snelson, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


On May 26, 1789 in his first lecture as a history professor, Friedrich von Schiller stated "The world's history is the world's judgment." An institution's history may well be the institution's judgment. Careful historical documentation of an institution provides data to determine the path of the institution, and to predict accurate trends. This information is vital to positively and accurately shape the future and growth of an institution; This study collected data pertaining to the four public two-year institutions in Nevada from 1977 to 1993. Five specific areas of concern were addressed. They were: governance, demographics, curriculum, finance, and facility and faculty growth. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources, and content analysis was applied to the data to analyze trends within the institutions.