A modern synthesis of faith and reaSon

Ralph Wm Thomas, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Today, modern man is uneasy. The current outcry for ethics in government and in social life reflects a need which has not been met. What distinguishes man as a rational and creative human being are his moral, abstract, artistic, creative, and spiritual ideas. In many instances, such ideas have been declared as meaningless by the 'reasoning' of the natural sciences; This thesis will develop a modern paradigm that will synthesize subjective values coming from the 'faith' side of rational beings with the objective values obtained from their objective (abstract reasoning) side of themselves; The paradigm will be illustrated by applying it to the Clark County's Health District Hospice Program for terminal cancer patients and their survivors. A typical case will show the paradigm's practicality for aiding persons to meaningfully participate in the solution and management of significant problems found in their every day lives.