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Master of Arts (MA)


Anthropology and Ethnic Studies

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Margaret Lyneis

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Comparative analyses of Virgin Anasazi black-on-gray bowl and plain gray jar rim sherds from the sites of Yama-2 and Yama-3 show weak associations between those vessel forms and each of the following temper characteristics: temper sorting; temper percentage; temper angularity; and temper size. Black-on-gray bowl rim sherds mostly contain quartz and olivine temper and plain gray jar rim sherds contain more mixed sand, sherd and quartz/feldspar temper. Dates of A.D. 1050-1100 (mid-Pueblo II) with mixing from earlier periods are suggested for Yama-2 and Yama-3 with evidence of usage of the sites for habitation and storage.


Anasazi; Black; Bowl; Characteristics; Comparison; Gray; Jar; Nevada; Nevada Plain; Rim; Sherds; Temper; Virgin; Yama

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Archaeology; Indians of North America--Study and teaching

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas


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