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Lawrence A. Golding

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This study compared the validity of percent fat estimates by the Jackson & Pollock sum of four skinfold equation (JPSF), bioeletrical impedance (BIA), near infrared (NIR) and body mass index (BMI) when compared to the criterion method of underwater weighing (UWW). Skinfolds were measured at four sites, the triceps, ilium, abdomen and thigh using the Harpenden skinfold caliper. The Jackson & Pollock sum of four skinfold equation was used to calculate percent body fat. Infrared interactance was determined on a Futrex 5000 measured at the biceps halfway between the axillary fold and the anticubital space. Bioelectrical impedance was determined with the Bio-analgenics ELG analyzer using the four electrode placement technique. Electrodes were placed on the dorsal surfaces of the ankle and wrist and the distal surfaces of the metacarpals and metatarsals. Underwater weighing was determined in a seated position with functional residual volume measured in the tank at the time of weighing. Statistical analysis was determined using an repeated measures ANOVA, Pearson correlation coefficient (r), standard error of estimate (SEE), R{dollar}\sp2{dollar}, and total error (TE). (Abstract shortened by UMI.).


Bioelectrical; Body; Equations; Estimates; Fat; Impedance; Index; Infrared; Jackson; Mass; Near; Percent; Pollock; Skinfold; Validity

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Medicine; Morphology

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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