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Scholarship in Kinesiology is a repository for all aspects of scholarly work relating to exercise science and kinesiology. Each volume is dedicated to a specific area within the field. If you or your organization are interested in managing a specialized content area, please contact the editors.

Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology (Volume 1)

Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology is a new method of disseminating knowledge in the area of kinesiology and exercise science. The field of kinesiology has a number of scientific-based journals, but a relative dearth of publications dedicated to relaying information to the research practitioner in an open access format. This repository is designed as an expanded poster (rather than a traditional scientific manuscript) with the aim of allowing practical information to be more easily read and understood by a wider audience. As very few peer-reviewed abstracts presented at conferences make it through the peer-review journal process, this process can be considered as a “poster to publication” pathway for dissemination of practical information. The journal focuses on two main practical ares: 1) the "Process of Science" (aspects surrounding scientific discovery and practice, which could include findings from investigations, novel scientific applications, or experience gained through completing research), and 2) "Implementation Strategies" (processes by which aspects can be applied to the performance or practice of exercise, including pre-exercise routines, novel training applications, or methods for improving performance).

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