About This Journal

Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology

Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology is dedicated to relaying information to the research practitioner in an open access format.

The journal publishes original research in two main practical areas: 1) the "Process of Science" (aspects surrounding scientific discovery and practice, which could include findings from investigations, novel scientific applications, or experience gained through completing research), and 2) "Implementation Strategies" (processes by which aspects can be applied to the performance or practice of exercise, including pre-exercise routines, novel training applications, or methods for improving performance). The journal accepts original research submissions in the following categories 1) Expedited Articles, 2) Review Articles, and 3) Case Studies.

The journal also publishes “Topics Briefs” which distills evidence-based information into a content format more easily implemented than the typical publication written for an academic audience. The aim of the TESK offering is to provide clear, digestible, and practical information for specific populations in the area of exercise science and kinesiology.

If you have questions about where your work fits, please contact the editors.