• The purpose of this document is to serve as a guide for evaluators who agree to review work submitted to Topics in Exercise Science and Kinesiology.
  • To assist evaluators, a Reviewer Rubric has been created with the following sections: Title Page and Abstract, Introduction and Methods Page, Point of Application Page(s), Other Considerations, and Reviewer Decisions.
  • Point of application: Reviewing the Title and Abstract page – rubric shared for title, author list, affiliations, the abstract, and key words.
  • Point of application: Reviewing the Introduction and Methods page – evaluation of introductory paragraph, paragraph for methodology and/or results.
  • Point of application: Reviewing the Point of Application pages – rubric for Each Point of Application, which should consist of a title, written text, and a figure or table.
  • Point of application: Reviewing the Figures and Tables, and Making a Decision – rubric for the evaluation of figures or tables, others comments, and decisions that can be made.