• The purpose of this manuscript is to briefly review Orthostatic Intolerance (OI) and discuss proper exercise programming and progression guidelines for working with those affected by OI; a disorder associated with autonomic nervous system dysfunction, characterized by a difficulty standing upright.
  • In order to do this, we performed a review of the published literature using google scholar and PubMed search engines.
  • Evidence indicated that a light to moderate intensity aerobic exercise program would aid in improving orthostatic tolerance.
  • Previous studies have indicated that progressive resistance training aids in mechanisms that are dysfunctional in OI such as blood volume increases and a decrease in baroreceptor responses.
  • Preparticipation physical exams and initial value assessments are an integral part of the OI exercise prescription as many individuals will have unhealthy vital capacities due to OI symptomology and accompanying deconditioning.
  • Many Individuals with OI have responded positively to aerobic and resistance training. Using informed judgment when prescribing exercise and careful progression of frequency, intensity, and duration should be considered.