• Wearable technology is becoming increasingly popular with new devices entering the market frequently, but with disproportionality less research being conducted on the reliability and validity in field settings, outside of the laboratory.
  • This paper details the methodology of gathering research based on the principals of a rapid review, using these points of application: inclusion criteria of studies (databases), search terms (data to be extracted), and how research will be conducted (narrowing articles and assessing bias).
  • Point of application #1: Inclusion criteria are described well as potential databases used, allowing a means of not only systematically gathering information, but also the ability to check the status of the literature regarding wearable technology.
  • Point of application #2: Specific search terms are outlined, and the data fields to be extracted are described.
  • Point of application #3: Mechanism of the rapid review search explained, how articles are to be included and excluded, and how bias will be assessed.