Class I. Verrucomicrobiae

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On the basis of 16S rRNA gene sequence analyses, this group comprises one of the primary lineages in the phylum Verrucomicrobia and is equivalent to subdivision 1 (Hugenholtz etal., 1998) of the phylum. The majority of its members inhabit marine and freshwater habitats or vertebrate digestive tracts, including humans, however, some have been recovered from soils. The Verrucomicrobia currently comprise one order, at present represented by three families, Verrucomicrobiaceae, Akkermansiaceae, and Rubritaleaceae. Each family includes one or more cultivated and taxonomically described genus and is found primarily in a single habitat type, namely, freshwater habitats, vertebrate digestive tracts, and marine habitats, respectively. All members of this group stain Gram-negative.


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