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Spring 2011

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Professional Paper

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Master of Hospitality Administration


Hotel Administration

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With the recent success experience of gaming-related investments made in Macau and Singapore, it also can be a good inspiration of developing the gaming industry in Taiwan. As the passing of the new legislation from the Taiwanese government, Taiwan could be the next potential country to join the Asian casino gaming market. The purpose of this study is to determine the appropriate direction of developing the casino gaming industry in Taiwan, according to the successful experience from U.S. The findings indicated that the six factors of developing gaming business in Taiwan are geography environment, accessibility, human resource, tourism resource, tourist market resource, and the social aspect. According to the findings, Penghu might not be an appropriate place to develop the gaming business due to too many limits on accessibility, human resource, social aspect; these reasons also apply to other remote islands and counties in Taiwan.


Business planning; Gambling industry; Taiwan


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | International Business | Law and Economics | Tourism and Travel

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University of Nevada, Las Vegas




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